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Jumpstart your Dream Wardrobe

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Style Confidence

Are you stuck in a Style Rut?

This 4-8 week Online Course is designed to reignite your excitement and confidence in Dressing and Shopping

Module 1: Discover your Personal Brand and Signature Style

Module 2: Identify your best colours

Module 3: Your body type and the best shapes for you

Module 4: How to edit down your wardrobe

Module 5: How to shop for your Dream Capsule

Are you fed up with spending money on items that you'll never wear?

The step by step modules in this course give you clarity on the colours and shapes that you should be wearing to look your best

The Beta Test Run is due to launch Mid to End February and is being offered at the special rate of £295.00 reduced to just £75.00

Unrecognizable model wearing casual outfit. Gray clothing in trendy minimalistic style. St

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