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How to find out your body type...

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

In this quick guide you will learn how to tell which of the four (or debatably five) body types you are.

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The body types

To do this accurately, you will need to avoid wearing anything that adds volume to any part of your silhouette since you need to be able to see your true outline.

Underwear or tight stretchy jersey clothing is best but avoid wearing gym leggings since they can provide too much support and create an inaccurate outline to your shape.

First you should look at the width of your shoulders (see image below). The correct place to look is to trace upwards from the point where your arm meets your torso (arrows) up to your shoulders. We measure here (dotted line) rather than from the very outer edge of your shoulder.

Next you should look at the width across the widest point of your hips. This is usually at the very lowest part of your hip bone. (see below)

You don't need to take a measurement on a tape measure at all. You just need to compare whether you shoulder and hip widths are the same or whether either your hips or shoulders are wider.

Next you need to decide whether your waist and hips are equal or whether the hips are notably wider than your waist.

And here are the results:

  1. Hip wider than waist and shoulders = Pear/Triangle

  2. Shoulders wider than waist and hips = Inverted Triangle

  3. Hip and shoulders equal. Waist narrower than shoulders and hips = Hourglass

  4. Hip, waist and shoulders all fairly equal = Rectangle

Now I did mention at the start that there are debatably 5 body types.

Some sources classify a straight body type who is carrying more weight on their tummy area as a separate type altogether, these ladies often have a larger chest size too. These would classify as Apple shapes. They should follow mostly the same guidelines as Rectangles but with some additional points on how to flatter the tummy area.

More to come on this!

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