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Keren Beaumont Personal Stylist

Created by Keren Beaumont,
Stylist and Image Consultant

This service exists to take the mystery and frustration out of dressing well!

Keren's Styling Process has helped hundreds of women to make timeless, effortless style their new normal.

Keren is a former Buying Director and within her 20 years experience in the fashion industry has worked for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach and Harrods.


Dream Wardrobe Style Club

Do you know what you like but have no time to shop?

Need some guidance on what would suit your body type?

 The Dream Wardrobe Online Style Membership is here to help!

Go from not knowing what to wear and a wardrobe full of shopping mistakes to owning pieces that work effortlessly and combine easily into outfits.

The Dream Wardrobe ethos is effortless, timeless style. No high fashion of passing fads in sight.
Style should be chosen to last and to be Eco (and wallet) friendly.

From as little at £14.95/month you will receive a selection of items for your body type and colour season by email.

I joined Dream Wardrobe as I’m tired of making purchases that don’t work with what I have. I get in a rut with the same brands and styles and wanted to think outside the box. I loved the items in my December edit. I bought some straight away. The online edit saves me time and costly mistakes

Melissa B

What my clients are saying..

I bought a number of the suggestions and kept all bar one.
Dream Wardrobe gives me certainty that what I buy suits me and has the right colouring and shape.

Sarah F

DW is a great way for me to shop without making mistakes in style or colour choices as I’m still not a very confident shopper.
Really happy with the items selected. All look fabulous on! Helps me to cut through to what will suit me faster. I would never have chosen any of those options on my own

Orla M


Additional Membership Benefits:

  • Dream Wardrobe Online Styling Course FREE with lots of video content and downloadable guides worth £195.00!

  • Discount on one to one services for the duration of my membership.

  • 4 Online Style Socials (Meet the members, talk style, live Q&A)

  • 2 In person events in London with lots of goodies 

    I can't wait to welcome you to the club!

How it works:

  1. You will answer a series of detailed questions about your body shape and colouring with instructions for photos needed.

  2. I will assign you a body type and colour season.

  3. Your monthly shopping recommendations will be based on this analysis

Dream Wardrobe Online Course

Dream Wardrobe Online Style Club

Membership Includes:
+ Monthly shopping recommendations for your body type and colouring
+ Exclusive seasonal video tutorial content 
+ Exclusive discount on personal styling services
+ Exciting bonus... The Dream Wardrobe Online Course worth £195.00!

£14.95 monthly (or £149.50 annually with two months free!)


Keren Beaumont Online Styling Course

Included: Dream Wardrobe Online Course

You will learn everything you need to know to build the perfect capsule wardrobe that will make shopping, getting dressed and looking and feeling good easier than ever​


How do I receive my wardrobe suggestions?

In a monthly clickable catalogue by email with no obligation to buy

How do I know I will like the suggested items?

The selections are based on Keren's timeless, effortless style aesthetic which is built to stand the test of time and to appeal to a very broad spectrum of tastes with a focus on good taste rather than passing trends

How do I know the styles will suit me?

You will submit face and body shape photos to receive results from a colour season and body type analysis. Keren is a proven expert in selecting items that flatter each unique body shape and each specific colour season

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your subscription at any time for the following month's edit

A message from me to you

The reason I do this job is to share the joy and confidence that having a clear sense of style brings. Whatever our current style situation, we all have the potential to look our best and all it takes is knowing how.

I understand how inhibiting it can be when we don't feel confident in our appearance and how this may hold us back from being the best and most glorious version of ourselves.

Imagine how it would feel not to even think about your appearance or your outfit because you have become the expert in dressing yourself and you know with absolute certainty that you are dressed the best you possibly could be

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