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Online Style Course

Jumpstart your Dream Wardrobe
Online Course

The ultimate companion to updating your own wardrobe

Learn how to build a wardrobe of items that look great and are easy to combine giving you Style Confidence every day

Keren Beaumont Personal Stylist

Created by Keren Beaumont,
Stylist and Image Consultant

Keren is a former Buying Director and within her 20 years experience in the fashion industry has worked for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach and Harrods.

Keren's Styling Process has helped hundreds of clients to find their Style Confidence

This course is for you if..

  • You've lost your Style Direction during lockdown

  • Maternity leave has deactivated your 'style mojo'

  • You have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear

  • You're up to the job but your wardrobe isn't!

In this course you will learn to build the perfect capsule wardrobe that will make shopping, getting dressed and looking and feeling good easier than ever​

I feel far more confident now in purchasing what is right for me and suits me as opposed to succumbing to trends. I would wholeheartedly recommend Keren to anyone who needs some fashion guidance- I know I'll keep reaching out to her for tips!

Eline Sleurink

What my clients are saying..

I had no idea how to dress my body or the shape I have.
The mood board really opened my mind to a broad range of style I didn’t even know existed.
Keren helped understand my body shape and find my mood/style that showed the real me! The colour swatches were definitely a great add and I take them shopping every time!

Monique Cummings

Keren helped me to see what I am drawn to and how I want to express myself. It was such a treat and a joyful experience to discover what colours and shapes suit me so I would feel more
confident choosing clothes! It's invaluable for work situations when you might want to use clothes and style to best portray yourself.

Lara H

Course at £195.00 includes..
5 Learning Modules
5 Downloadable Guides and Workbooks
2 Hours of Video Content

2 Hours of Video Content

5 Downloadable Workbooks and Guides

Complete in approximately 5 hours


Dream Wardrobe Online Course

Special Offer Extras!

Gold Package

  • Dream Wardrobe Course

  • 1 hour One to One Online Session with Keren


Platinum Package

  • Dream Wardrobe Course

  • 1 hour One to One Online Session with Keren

  • 2nd 1 hour One to One Online Session 

  • Bonus Masterclasses: Introduction to Makeup with Regan Watson

  • Bonus Masterclass: Introduction to Skincare with Dr Mariam Abbas




Keren Beaumont Online Styling Course

In this course..

You will learn everything you need to know to build the perfect capsule wardrobe that will make shopping, getting dressed and looking and feeling good easier than ever​

Plus, a risk free guarantee for 48 hours from purchase for a full refund


How long does the course take?

Approximately 5 hours in total or 1 hour a week over the space of one month. (Not including time needed to shop for your wardrobe)

How much should I budget for my Wardrobe Update

That depends on the amount you feel comfortable spending per item and how many items you need. It is not recommended to buy all items to complete your capsule in one go. This should be done over time and over multiple seasons

How do I book the one to one sessions? (Gold and Platinum Tiers)

You will receive a booking contact form with Gold and Platinum packages. Sessions are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10am and 5pm GMT subject to availability

What if I change my mind after starting the course?

You have 48 hours after purchase to claim a refund 

A message from me to you

The reason I do this job is to share the joy and confidence that having a clear sense of style brings. Whatever our current style situation, we all have the potential to look our best and all it takes is knowing how.

I understand how inhibiting it can be when we don't feel confident in our appearance and how this may hold us back from being the best and most glorious version of ourselves.

Imagine how it would feel not to even think about your appearance or your outfit because you have become the expert in dressing yourself and you know with absolute certainty that you are dressed the best you possibly could be

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