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Create Perfect Colour Combinations by Keren Beaumont Personal Stylist, London

Updated: May 29

Navigating the world of style can feel a bit like mixing the perfect cocktail – it's all about finding the right balance of ingredients. I'm here to be your guide, mixing in a bit of fun with our fashion talk. Let's dive into some foolproof color combinations that'll make your outfits pop and a simple rule to keep your looks balanced and beautiful. Ready to give your wardrobe that extra spark?

Timeless Colour Combinations to Try:

Beige and Burgundy: Picture the warm glow of a cozy evening paired with the rich taste of your favorite wine – that's beige and burgundy for you. This perfect colour combination works wonders for any look, whether you're keeping it casual or dressing up.

Navy and Blush Pink: Imagine a clear night sky meeting the soft hues of dawn. Navy and blush pink together are all about bringing a touch of elegance and softness to your outfit, perfect for when you want to impress without shouting.

Olive Green and Mustard Yellow: Think of a walk through the woods in autumn. Olive green and mustard yellow come together for that perfect mix of earthiness and zest, adding a lively touch to your day.

Charcoal Grey and Teal: Like a stormy sea meeting a sleek, modern cityscape, charcoal grey and teal create a look that's both bold and refined. Ideal for making a statement in the office or on a night out.

Camel and Black: Classic and effortlessly chic, camel and black are like the coffee and cream of your wardrobe. Easy to wear, they bring a sophisticated contrast that's always in style.

The Rule of Three: Your Go-To for Effortless Style

Keeping your outfit on point is easier than you think. Let's talk about the Rule of Three – a handy trick to keep your ensemble looking harmonious without limiting your creativity.

1. Pick a Base Color: Start with a solid foundation. This could be a trusty neutral or something more vibrant if you're feeling bold.

2. Add a Second Color: Throw in another shade to mix things up. This could be through another piece of clothing or a significant accessory.

3. Finish with a Third Color or Metal: Round it off with an accent color or a bit of sparkle. Think jewelry, a belt, or a bag. And yes, your metals count here, so whether it's a dash of gold or a sprinkle of silver, make it count!

Metals: The Icing on the Cake

Just like the perfect accessory can make an outfit, the right metal can tie everything together. Whether you're a silver soul or a gold-hearted gal, remember that these shiny friends are part of your colour count. They're the icing on your fashion cake, adding that final touch of glam.

Colour and your style mood..

Remember these are just examples.. have fun creating your own perfect colour combination

- Office Chic: Mix a charcoal grey suit (base) with a splash of teal (second), topped off with a rose gold watch (third). You're not just ready for business; you're setting the style bar high.

- Casual Cool: Combine a navy dress (base) with a camel blazer (second), and add some gold jewelry (third) for that sunlight-kissed look any time of day.

- Adventurous Spirits: Pair an olive green shirt (base) with mustard yellow pants (second), accented with silver accessories (third) for an outfit that says you're ready for whatever the day brings.

Embracing these colour combinations and the Rule of Three means you're not just wearing clothes; you're crafting looks that tell your story. As your personal stylist in London, I'm here cheering you on as you explore and express your unique style. Let's make fashion fun, accessible, and unmistakably you.

Did you know that I offer a free style consultation to discuss your current wardrobe issues and how I might be able to help?

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