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Looking for a Personal Stylist in London?


You are a professional, a leader in your field or anticipating the next step towards the top of the ladder. You know that good styling will empower you and give you the credibility to succeed

You're a New Mum or life has changed since having kids and now you need to re-discover yourself and your style. 

Your new job comes with a dress code but you still want to feel authentically you

Your lifestyle has evolved but your wardrobe hasn't

You want a wardrobe that serves you for life, not just for today

If this is you, get in touch!

Keren Beaumont Personal Stylist London and Online
Keren is a warm and caring stylist who takes the time to listen to her clients.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and her skills are second to none when it comes to creating personal style and brand.  I learned more about my colors and how to dress my body shape in one session than ever before
Serena Bobowski
Mens Styling Gentlemens styling personal stylist keren beaumont London


The clothing you wear sends a message about  who you are and what you are all about.

A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word.

My Personal Style and Brand consultation will identify your style and enable you to reach your potential.

Wish I had done this 10yrs ago! Keren was from start to finish: insightful, current, knowledgable, fun, eager to help me see colour (for the first time), encouraging of new flattering shapes. I now see clothes in a whole new light.
I now wear colours that add beautifully to my complexion and understand how to finish clothing off to best compliment my shape.
I cant wait for Summer to come so we can shop more.

Olivia Leich

Look Your Best

I source and collate the best items to suit your personal style, colouring and shape ahead of your arrival to make shopping easy and enjoyable!

We build a concise wardrobe that is versatile with items that have longevity and can be combined into multiple outfits.

I believe owning less is best and encourage responsible and ethical shopping habits.
Suitable for any budget from High Street to High End.

Keren helped me to update my wardrobe ready to return to work after a long break. The whole experience from understanding my colourings shape and fit, clearing out the wardrobe, to shopping was great! Keren has a great eye, is super professional and works with you to get the best result. I would highly recommend!.
Stella Pantofel
Keren Beaumont Wardrobe Edit

Review, Organise, Re-stock

It's very common for people to have a wardrobe packed with clothes yet feel they have nothing to wear! There are a few reasons for this:

  1. People don't stay the same size and shape. Pieces that you bought 10 years ago might not be suited to the current you!

  2. We add new items to our wardrobes without clearing out the pieces that no longer work for us.. we accumulate too many clothes! Too many clothes means we can't see what we have

  3. We 'panic buy' or make impulsive purchases of items that aren't right for us

This service is designed to leave you with a perfectly organised wardrobe with your clothes and accessories easily visible and accessible. You will find it a breeze getting dressed in the morning. With the right Personal Styling, your wardrobe will contain items that work for you and combine well into easy outfits.

Q: How much is a Personal Stylist Session? A: Consultations start at £130.00 or shopping packages from £495.00 (3 hours shopping plus consultation) Q: Can a 'normal' person get a stylist? A: If we assume normal means, not a celebrity in this instance, then yes absolutely! My typical client works in a very normal job and often has kids and as a result is very short of time. My clients are both Men and Women. Q: What budget do I need for personal shopping for a wardrobe update? A: Anything from £700 upwards and sky is the limit. I will shop at a level of brand that feels right fro your budget Q: What types of shops do you go to for personal shopping? A: That depends entirely upon your budget, style and needs. I cover everything from the high street to high end department stores. For some clients I may look at speciality stores such as small up and coming brands, ethical brands or brands that cater to petites or plus sizes. Q: How do I find a good stylist? A: Look for reviews, speak to former clients and make sure you find their background and experience levels. The stylist industry is not regulated in the UK so it's important that you verify their qualification. They should have completed an official styling course such as the one from London College of Fashion. Their prices should also reflect their experience level. Q: Is it worth using a stylist? A: Without sounding cheesy, the experience is literally life-changing! The consultation is revelatory in the sense that you will finally gain clarity on exactly the right colours and shapes for you. It may be that you've been wearing the wrong ones and this can mean some big changes in the right direction. Knowing how to shop for the right clothes for your body shape and colouring leaves you with renewed sense of self confidence and excitement about dressing.


London, UK

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