How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Wed 24th June 8pm

Did you know that we live in only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?

Do you have too much in your closet but nothing to wear?

Owning less, but the right items, makes getting dressed so much easier and provides a sense of lightness and relief!

Learn how to build the perfect Capsule Wardrobe that suits your Lifestyle, Personality, Colouring and Body Shape in this online workshop.

This 90 min Workshop is £22.50

How to Define your Personal Brand

Wed 27th May 8pm

Do you ever feel slightly lost when choosing your look for the day?

Has your life evolved and left your wardrobe trailing behind, a relic of a 'former you'?

Perhaps it's time to re-think your 'Personal Brand'. Personal Brand is everything to do with how you 'show up' physically in the world and the visual messages that you are giving out.

In this session, you will go on a journey to look within yourself to identify how you wish to show up on the outside.

This 90 min Workshop is £22.50

Summer Style Class

Mon 1st June 8pm

Us Brits aren’t known for being experts in summer dressing unlike our warmer climate counterparts. This class covers the basics of how to look great when the sun comes out. In this session, I’ll be talking about:

·       Choosing Swimwear and summer dresses for each body type

·       Dressing for work in Summer

·       Using colour in summer 

·       Tips and tricks for holiday packing

This 90 min Workshop is £22.50

How to Edit Your Own Wardrobe

17th June 8pm

Learn how to edit your own wardrobe using the techniques of professional stylists.

In this 90 min - 2 hour live session you will learn:

  • How to assess your colouring

  • How to select the correct cuts for your body shape

  • How to accurately edit your own wardrobe



This Class is £22.50