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Keren Beaumont Personal Stylist London on stage Public Speaking

My talks and workshops cover topics such as 'The most common wardrobe mistakes that people make how to avoid them' , 'How to look good on camera' and 'How to select the right colours and cuts for yourself'.

Having spent 15 years presenting collections for international fashion brands, I was able to hone my skills as a public speaker and love using speaking as a way of sharing my knowledge.

Organisations for whom I have given talks and presentations include Ralph Lauren, Coach, Shell, WIZO, Kate Spade, Focus London, The Girls' Network, Athena, 3 House Club and ORT

My style advice and commentary has been published in both print and media publications ranging from Grazia to Good Housekeeping to Yahoo Style.

Talks can be tailored to varying audience sizes and lengths of time.

Fee from £100 per hour plus travel

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