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Your Summer Wardrobe: Packed

This week I was interviewed for a Travel Article to be featured on Travel Supermarket and I have been asked for my top tips for 'Packing light and staying stylish'. This inspired me to think about my holiday wardrobe. I've got a few weeks to go but planning ahead is essential.

Packing Hacks Personal Stylist London Keren Beaumont Travelling Light

First and foremost a packing list must be thought of as a 'Capsule Wardrobe'. Every piece has to sit within a colour palette so that all the pieces can be mixed an matched. Ideally you want to create as many looks with as few pieces as possible. I would recommend no more than 3 key colours and 3 neutrals. My colouring is warm in the summer thanks to my 'tan in a bottle' and red hair so I'd pick warm colours to complement this such as Tan and Green shades. I've put together a 12 piece holiday wardrobe (excluding swimwear and accessories) that can combine into enough different looks to look fresh every day of full week's holiday. You need no more than - 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 dresses or jumpsuits and 2 pairs of shoes plus travel shoes..

Capsule holiday wardrobe Packing Hacks Personal stylist london

Here's a sneak preview of the answers that I provided for the article which will be published next week...

What advice do you have for holidaymakers who want to look stylish while away, but who are travelling only with cabin bags?

Wicker bag basket holiday wardrobe personal stylist london

Use packing cubes! These have rocked my world as I am not only able to fit more into my case but when I get to the other end, my luggage is nicely organised and much less creased. An assorted size set is best, Amazon do a good set for under £20. Invest in a beach bag that is stylish enough to double up as your handbag for day trips and for flights. Check out all the wicker options that are around at the moment, they look gorgeous on and off the beach. Tie your sunhat to your tote bag for the flight but make sure it's well stowed on the flight and doesn't get squashed. For an evening bag, you'll need a flat envelope clutch however, if you don’t own one of these, make sure you small bag is filled with items such as accessories, Jewellery and tech so that you don’t waste space. Take one pair of canvas trainers or similar for sightseeing and wear these to travel. Pack one pair of neutral coloured sandals or flip flops that go with everything and pack one pair of smarter evening sandals. For the flight, wear the items you are taking to layer up in the evening i.e. light jacket, jumper, wrap. There's nothing more chic than a cashmere wrap and big shades on a flight! Leave your heated hair tools at home and instead allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t pack anything that is not part of a planned outfit - leave the 'I might wear it' pieces at home. And finally, use a light weight case so that you don’t waste any of your valuable weight allowance.

Which key items should people never travel without in order to look their best?

Great accessories in neutral colours that go with everything, will elevate your holiday look. Go for a really wide brimmed sun hat which is stylish and sophisticated as well as practical. Make sure you sandals are in great condition as grubby shoes will ruin a look. Take a chic cover up such as linen shirt or kaftan so that you look elegant by the pool. Since you may spend most of your days in swimwear, your poolside looks needs to be well considered outfits too. A large pareo or scarf is the most useful item you’ll pack. Use it as a sarong, an evening shawl, a chic headscarf or headband or something to lie on. Try air-drying your with a product such as bumble and bumble ‘don’t blow it’ and sleep with your hair in braids so that you wake up with effortless waves. Take statement earrings to add polish to your look on hair-up days.

How can you keep your look fresh on a longer trip where you need to re-wear pieces?

When you arrive, hang creased items in the bathroom so that the steam from your shower smoothes the wrinkles out. Pack a miniature travel wash and a travel clothes line. Choose a colour palette for your holiday packing with just one or two accent colours (plus neutrals) so that your pieces can be mixed and matched into multiple combinations. Photograph each outfit combination before you leave so that you have a digital catalogue of looks to refer to while you are away. Daytime pieces such as dresses, playsuits and shorts can be re-invented as evening looks when coupled with smart accessories and Jewellery.

What advice would you give when it comes to wearing makeup in hot weather?

One of the best things about holidays is using less makeup however for a polished evening look a bit of tinted moisturiser evens the skin tone. Pair this with a little shimmering bronzer or highlighter on the cheeks bones and temples, light mascara and a strong lip. If you feel you need some daytime coverage like me, (I’m a red-head so I don’t tan), use something that is a lighter consistency than your usual foundation as the heat can cause makeup to settle more into the pores. Use a tinted moisturiser with SPF from NARS or Charlotte Tilbury plus a transparent powder from Dior so that it lasts. An LVL treatment for lashes is fabulous as it makes your lashes look like they’ve been curled, lengthened and as though you are wearing light mascara. I’d also recommend an eyebrow tint and shape before travelling.

For more tips on packing for Travel, contact me at

The Travel Supermarket piece can be viewed here

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