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Can you Style yourself Confident?⁠ Style Confidence and your Personal Brand

A question that has inspired my work over the past decade..⁠

Keren Beaumont on chair feeling confident in her style and personal brand

The lockdown phenomenon of dressing in mis-matching trackies made me think the answer might be yes..⁠

Seeing myself in the mirror like this was not particularly empowering. It deepened my understanding of what until then had been pretty theoretical; that what we see in the mirror deeply impacts our internal self image.⁠

On the converse, how does your mood shift when you like what you see in the mirror?⁠

Now I'm not saying for a moment that confidence comes from the exterior however, it certainly has a role to play.⁠

It's cyclical too, the better we feel about ourselves, the more we take care of ourselves and our wellbeing.⁠

I had a double wammy in lockdown as this also coincided with being on maternity leave as a first time mum. I have never known my style confidence to dip that low. The crazy thing was, I felt better just by adding some matching loungewear sets in good colours to my wardrobe.⁠

When my clients tell me about times they have to rush out the door with minutes to get themselves dressed and wearing whatever happened to be clean and ironed that day, I can fully appreciate how off kilter we feel when we start the day wearing something we don't feel great in or isn't aligned with who we know our best self to be. In other words, not being in control of your personal brand

So yes, I really do think you can dress yourself confident and luckily there are easy steps to achieve this.⁠ What this means is that when we dress in alignment with the true nature and our best self, we are creating our ideal personal brand and building our style confidence simultaneously.

Want to know more about putting in style guidelines for your body type and colouring and building a capsule wardrobe that you feel great in?⁠

Book a free call to discuss your distinct style

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